Date: June 21, 2013 / Barcelona

My dear friends,

It’s been three weeks since I left London for Barcelona on June 1st. From the messages you sent me, I know you are rather worried about me and wondering if everything’s going all right. Some of you even want to accommodate me in London if I am treated improperly in the Barcelona restaurant. Knowing you are the ones I may really count on, I’d take the bold step fearlessly towards my next exploration.

I’ve been hankering for learning the Mediterranean cuisine and am drawn to the glamour and excitement of Barcelona where I’ve visited twice with Richard. Nevertheless, the backbreaking working in the restaurant was quite difficult though. During the first week, I’d been worn myself to a frazzle trying to help the chef in the kitchen. Fortunately, the talent Italian chef, Gabrielle, has been very tolerant to me – a novice apprentice.


[[ Italian Cusine ]]


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